Now that SandyBridge has revealed her deep dark secret you might be tempted to call the relationship off completely, but that would be a mistake.  Sure, she gets bored of old style storage quickly but with the bling of SATA 6 Gb/s drives can you really blame her?  Besides, she is one hot platform that you really ought to take a ride on.   Just look at how fast she satisfied The Tech Report when they took her out.  She took everything they threw at her with ease and style and was ready for more.  She does get around a lot but that it doesn’t mean she can’t compete with those other chassis who stay in one place while providing pleasure to their users.

“As Intel was rolling out its desktop Sandy Bridge processors earlier this month, it also unleashed a whole family of mobile variants. Join us as we benchmark a behemoth of a laptop powered by Intel’s second-quickest mobile Sandy Bridge CPU.”

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