In case you were feeling on top of things and feel that you can tell the difference between a Core i7 on LGA1366 versus LGA1156 accurately and aren’t overly concerned about discerning an LGA1155 or yet to arrive LGA2011 SandyBridge part, Intel has made things more confusing.  The server room has avoided most of the socket ecosystem flourishing but that is not going to last according to SemiAccurate

Xeons will soon come in LGA 2011 as well as LGA 1356, with a differing number of supported RAM channels.  Your only clue will be the suffix on the chip’s name, with LGA2011 EP models supporting quad channel memory and the LGA1356 EN remaining with triple channel.

“INTEL’S ROMLEY PLATFORM is set to launch sometime in the second half of this year and it will bring with it a world of confusion in the Xeon market space as Intel will be offering both LGA-1356 and LGA- 2011 solutions to its partners. The main difference is that the LGA-1356 platform will support triple channel memory while the LGA-2011 platform will support quad channel memory, but it doesn’t stop there.”

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