The Acer Aspire One 522 is a Brazos 10″ netbook with a 720p display, a Fusion APU with Radeon graphics, an HDMI output, and Windows 7 for just over $300.  Playback of 1080p and 720p video was flawless, at least until the Tech Report tried streaming 720p YouTube videos with Flash 10.2.  They noticed some dropped frames and when they contacted AMD about that issue, AMD responded with an optimized Flash 10.2 that not only fixed the dropped frames it also cut the CPU utilization in half.  Hopefully that build will make it into Flash 10.3.

AMD is splitting the Atom's market share - General Tech 2

“AMD’s Ontario APU has all the makings of an Atom killer. We take a look at Acer’s Aspire One 522 netbook to see whether this CPU/GPU hybrid, coupled with a 720p display and $330 price tag, can achieve netbook nirvana.”

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