Antec’s new soundscience rockus 3D  2.1 Speaker set is comprised of a control pod, a subwoofer sporting passive radiator technology and a pair of interesting looking anodized aluminium satellites, combined with some proprietary DSP algorithms.  [H]ard|OCP contrasted their performance against Klipsch’s Promedia 2.1 system as well as Corsair’s recently released SP2500 2.1 system (the same that Josh just finished reviewing) and found similar performances from the subs; the satellites were a different story.  The Antec’s sturdier design and non-proprietary cabling help them stand above the competition and their ears found sound quality was a step ahead as well.

“Antec diversifies into audio with a new brand named “soundscience designed by Antec.” Its first and currently only product is the rockus™ 3D | 2.1 speaker system. While the guys at soundscience aren’t much on capitalization, let’s see if they took the time to build a solid set of speakers for your PC.”

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