Josh recently touched on the state of the current mobile processor generation, contrasting the efforts of NVIDIA and ARM to improve the performance of the upcoming generation of smart phones.  The Inquirer has done something similar, sitting down with Richard York, director of product marketing at ARM to hear what he had to say.  The resulting article focuses more on the connectivity side of the required processing power from the silicon within smartphones and the very low latency displayed by ARM’s new baseband chips.  Read on to see why ARM might be your best bet for streaming HD content onto your phone.

“BASEBAND CHIPS are the not so glamorous side of mobile phones, however designers such as ARM are pushing the boundaries of these often overlooked processors.

Simply put, the baseband chip in every mobile phone is what ‘connects’ you to the cell tower. Therefore its performance is absolutely crucial to the operation of the device. With next generation Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks putting greater demands on baseband chips, designers are being pushed to the limit.”

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