With a Bluetooth enabled laptop you can use that earpiece that normally talks to your phone to listen to audio, but it mostly remains underutilized.  A company by the name of iui Design has another idea for you, their BeLive Bluetooth portable speaker will let you share your audio and not have to use the built in speakers that are often not the best way to listen to a movie or song.  Techware Labs had a chance to check them out and were quite impressed with the quality, specifically pointing out the good bass tones it could generate

“There is a growing trend today where people love to have their music wherever they go. Many times a headset is not always the right answer; in this case, iui Design has released a product that will cater to the needs of people for their music collection. With its dual speakers and great bass sound, music lovers everywhere will love this device for their on-the-go audio desires. Follow along as this product is detailed and find out how well this device will fair in real-world use.”

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