Ars Technica does not offer praise when examining Bulletstorm on the PC.  From requiring a Games for Windows Live account even for Steam versions, to a lock of 62fps maximum and very limited graphics options, the entire game thumbs it’s nose at high end gaming machines.  Even better is the encryption on the .ini files, which are the files that advanced users edit to allow for advanced changes to the games settings.  It is fairly easy to unencrypt them, if you are still inclined to pick up the game.

Bulletstorm: better on the console apparently - General Tech 2

“Bulletstorm is getting great reviews on the consoles, but how does the PC version run? We gave it a download on Steam to check things out, and things are… weird. The game has a number of issues on our favorite platform, but it remains a fun—and violent—way to spend an afternoon.”-

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