Color us jealous, but Chad Johnson aka Chad Ochocinco, a Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver in the NFL, posted a photo late last night featuring the upcoming Motorola Xoom tablet device on the Verizon network.  Many pundits have postulated that the Xoom might never be released based on the presentation at CES, but it looks like they are starting to show up in the wild.

Chad Ochocinco shows off a Motorola Xoom on Twitter - Mobile 2
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Chad didn’t post any other details on the image but we know quite a bit about the Xoom already.  The 10-in tablet will use a 1280×800 resolution screen all powered by the dual-core 1.0 GHz Tegra 2 ARM-based processor.  (Check out our recent editorial on the subject if you haven’t already.)  A 5MP rear camera and lower resolution front-facing camera, Verizon 3G/4G data support, 802.11n WiFi, 32GB on-board memory as well as an SD card slot round out the features.  This will also be the first device to use Google’s Android Honeycomb operating system designed for the tablet market.  

Pricing is still up in the air though estimates are in the $700-900 range – ouch.  We are eager to spend some hands on time with the Xoom and while we don’t have the privilege yet, it looks SOME people do.