Not to be confused with their Spawn, the Inferno looks a little plainer without the bright red trim which is a good feature for those not wanting a flashy mouse.  It doesn’t lack for controls, you can program five different DPI settings between 500 and 4000DPI and all five settings allow you to map the sensitivity of the X and Y axis separately along with support for both scripts and macros to be programmed to the 11 buttons. 

Check out what Bjorn3D thought of it in their full review.

“At first glance, the CM Storm Inferno looks like a cut down version of the Sentinel Advance. For example, it has a resolution of ‘only 4000 dpi’ compared to the 5600 dpi found on the Sentinel Advance. It also lacks the weight distribution system. However, if we look closer at the specifications, we notice that it instead has more built in memory and also allows us to set up more levels of resolution than the Sentinel Advance. But how does it compare to the Sentinel Advance?”

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