Steve had a chance to review the ECS P67H2-A which features Lucid Hydra Core Technology allowing multiple GPUs from different vendors to work together.  It will also allow those SandyBridge board with onboard graphics to have the best of both worlds by combining the on chip GPU and a discreet GPU and letting both do what they do best.  It will come at a premium compared to other P67 boards but you will get your money’s worth as you will see when you read the full review.

ECS bring Lucid's Hydra and SandyBridge together - Motherboards 2

“ECS really listened to gamers and the enthusiast community when they designed the P67H2-A. Users wanted the ability to use GPUs from AMD and NVIDIA together so they wouldn’t have to buy new graphics cards for SLI or CrossfireX so ECS added Hydra Core technology. We proved the Lucid Hydra chip performed brilliantly in 3DMark Vantage and I’m sure it will work well with supported games too. The black PCB combined with the black and silver heatsinks really make this board look edgy and impressive.”

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