Even though we are quickly coming upon the fixed B3 revision of the P67/H67 Cougar Point chipsets, Intel continues to be the horse getting the proverbial beating.  This user-created video (or I guess it could be AMD built from the underground) compares the fiasco to the engineering disaster that was the Tacoma Narrow Bridge.  

Okay, so more than a little overboard here with this comparison, but humorous to outsiders.

I think it should be noted that in our own internal discussions, as well as in my talks with board and system vendors, the outcry about this recall of Intel parts seems to have been mostly overlooked.  Consumers, for the most part, are not irate, there seems to be no significant backlash against Intel for its error and people seem content to wait for the re-emergence of the Sandy Bridge platform in the next 30-60 days.