The Register looks at the downside of the miniUSB plug on the side of your superphone, which they define as the current generation of phone that is in all essences a shrunken but fully functional PC and not just something that can sort of browse the web.  That handy plug that lets you recharge your phone and copy files back and forth from a secure network to your very vulnerable phone.  Even better, with the power of a Tegra chip, one of the new ARM processors and their like, you can run very sophisticated attacks against PCs and the network they reside on. 

Be very careful if someone asks if they can add their shiny new phone to your network, between the USB plug, the WiFi connectivity or even a physical NIC adapter it is not difficult for a determined individual to inflict damage upon your systems, even inadvertently. 

“It used to be that a large part of owning a cellphone, using it a lot, and being on the road involved hauling around a massive charging unit. When your plan expired, you got a new phone – and along with that came a new car charger, a new brick to plug in at home and a second one to be wrapped up in a ball and shoved in your briefcase or purse.”

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