As The Register has mentioned, Feb. 22nd heralds the release of Win7 Service Pack 1.  You can grab it from Microsoft directly or wait for the update via Windows Update, or you could wait a day or so to see what impact it has on the computing world.  If you are worried about the update process you can visit NGOHQ for some tips on how best to install the service pack and if you are more concerned about the performance impact it might have then TechPowerUp’s examination of graphics performance will grab your attention.

If you were waiting for the first service pack to buy Win7, today is the day - General Tech 2

“Microsoft is imminently expected to release the first service pack for its Windows 7 operating system.

The company confirmed earlier this month that its Windows 7 SP1 and sibling server product Windows 2008 R2 SP1 would both arrive today (22 February).”

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