Team Fortress 2 and Conclusions
Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard Review - Evolution or Dud? - General Tech 9

When it comes to bindings, the G13 has no problems with Team Fortress 2, as you’d expect. Each class in the game just has three weapons, which are normally bound to the 1-2-3 keys. Add in a few other bindings for reloading and jumping and you’re done. I did have to fool around with macros because I did not like the default bindings, but the G13’s software made this quick and painless.

Once I started to play, I found that I didn’t have much trouble at all maneuvering my character. The feel of the key bindings was different because the weapon selection keys are set further to the left of the movement keys than they are on a normal keyboard, but that wasn’t a major issue. The game supports weapon selection via mouse wheel, as well, so I could utilize that if I couldn’t reach for a weapon key. I didn’t have any comfort issues, either. Having my hand elevated so high compared to a keyboard was strange, but didn’t cause any muscle pains over time.

On the other hand, using the G13 didn’t seem to result in any advantage compared to a keyboard. It wasn’t more comfortable, it didn’t allow for quicker access to weapons, and it didn’t make movement easier.


Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard Review - Evolution or Dud? - General Tech 10

Having spent several hours with the G13 in each of these games, and lesser amounts of time in a variety of titles I regularly play, I’ve come away with the impression that the G13 doesn’t provide anything that you couldn’t obtain through the use of a standard keyboard. The concept seems wonderful, but there are many disadvantages that don’t immediately appear to be an issue. The key arrangement, for example, is problem. Many games bind weapon or ability selection to the top row of numeric keys, of which there are 10, but the Logitech G13 only has 7 in its top row, and one is meant to be used for movement, which leaves 6. This lack of symmetry increases the difficulty of remembering your bindings.

Another big problem is the fact that Logitech itself sells some excellent gaming keyboards for the same price as the G13. The G110, for example, is selling on Amazon for just $67 bucks. If you’re looking to enhance your gaming experience your money would be far better spent on the purchase of a gaming keyboard instead of a G13.

I knew that this product might be hard sell going into this review, but I had hoped to see more from it. As it exists today, I can’t come up with a single scenario that would make the G13 a worthwhile purchase. The tyranny of keyboard and mouse continues.

If you still want to check out the Logitech G13 – you can find it on Newegg for $79 and for $72.

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