The ASUS ENGTX570 is a card that supports a piece of software called VoltageTweak which will help you push your overclock further.  [H]ard|OCP tested it out against other 570s as well as the AMD HD6970 and found that they were pretty much running neck and neck.  If you are looking for a card that is overclocked out of the box, then this card will disappoint you as it is not very high; however if you want a card with high overclocking potential then you might want to consider this one because of the ease of tweaking your voltage.

 New flavours of 570, an overclocked, overvolted card from ASUS - Graphics Cards 2

“ASUS’ new ENGTX570 video card is competitively priced and has the potential for greatness using VoltageTweak. We compare it to the Radeon HD 6970 and see how well it performs out-of-the-box and overclocked using VoltageTweak. This review will show you just how tight things are around the $349 price point.”

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