Being a techie for a major company can be interesting, in that they are able to purchase kit you would never be able to afford on your own, which you can do ‘stability testing’ with.  On the other hand you have to comply with various regulations enforced by both your company and your clients.  One of the least enjoyable of those can be the safe destruction of data once a machine is retired, unless you are lucky enough to have an enjoyable way of doing it, as opposed to the tedium of a government wipe.  

Second thoughts about upgrading enterprise servers to SSDs - General Tech 2

The Register has seen research that shows SSDs will add complexity to your data destruction procedures, as it has been shown they false report sectors as wiped; even though the data is still there and recoverable.  Time to add thermite to the yearly procurement list.

“In research that has important findings for banks, businesses and security buffs everywhere, scientists have found that computer files stored on solid state drives are sometimes impossible to delete using traditional disk-erasure techniques.”

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