It is currently calm in the PC Perspective forums, with few people looking to build new systems as we all wait patiently for the B3 revision of the H67 and P67 SandyBridge boards and the eventual release of the high end Z68 models.  That has given some a chance to work on old hardware as you can see from the posts at the top of the motherboard forums as well as the projects that have started up in the Cases and Cooling forumThe Graphics Forums doesn’t have that problem, with so many new cards coming out the problem is choosing which tier of GPU they should pick up as well as which company to go with. 

If you’ve been waiting to apply Win7 SP1 then head to the MS Windows Forum and let us know what you see in the way of changes as well as tips on slipstreaming the service pack onto USB installation media.   If you’ve been anxiously awaiting the next downloadable version of the PC Perspective Podcast then head on over and get watching, #142 is ready for you!