Microsoft has been advertising the release of the IE9 RC to the world via many channels this morning.  Most will lead you to a site called Beauty of the Web where you can grab the RC in either a 32bit flavour or a 64bit flavour.  Download and install, wait through the inevitable reboot and you will be surfing the web with their newest browser.  It will not coexist peacefully with IE8 nor with WinXP and you can expect a few glitches, but happily it is uninstallable.

If you aren’t feeling overly brave today, you can always click over to Ars Technica who have provided a hands on look at the new browser.

“This is a solid release, and Internet Explorer 9 is a quality browser. Particularly during the dark days of the mid-2000s, Internet Explorer was once something of an embarrassment, widely looked down on by the technically inclined. Internet Explorer 8 was solid enough, but still quite some way behind the competition. With Internet Explorer 9, however, Microsoft has a browser that is truly first-rate. Its final release, almost certain to be in April to coincide with the MIX11 event, can’t come soon enough.”

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