You might have caught some mumbling about the lack of fanfare or reviews of the GT 440 on last nights PC Perspective Podcast, a card that has been available to OEMs for a while but is now being released for general consumption … with a few changes.  We know have found one.

The shader units have been trimmed down to 96 from 144 and the clock speeds have been increased partially thanks to the use of GDDR5 somewhat but the big change is the architecture changing to the GF108 core from the OEM’s GF106 core.  TechPowerUp’s final conclusion was to declare this card a souped up GT430 that might be good as a sub $100 card, charging any more than that pits it against the HD5770, a card roughly twice as fast.

“NVIDIA’s new GeForce GT 440 sets out to deliver acceptable performance in the low-end segment around $100. ASUS GT 440 comes with a custom designed, black PCB and a stylish heatsink. The card also comes with higher clocks out of the box to gain an extra performance advantage.”

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