Thermalright’s Shaman GPU Cooler should fit any modern graphics card on the market, but it is really intended to tame the heat of a Fermi based card.  That cooling power comes at the cost of space, once [H]ard|OCP had fully assembled the cooler, it was large enough to block 3 slots in addition to the one used by the card.  That will make setting up CrossFire/SLI a rather daunting task, try finding a bridge long enough to connect the two cards.  On the plus side, it comes close to shaving 30C off of the load temperature.

“The Thermalright Shaman GPU cooler has now been adapted to take on NVIDIA’s GTX 580. We strap it onto the hotter GTX 480 and see if it can handle one of the hottest GPUs of all time while comparing it to the ZALMAN VF3000F.”

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