The Zalman FG1000 FPS Gun is an attempt to change the world of gaming peripherals and at ~$50 it does not require a huge investment to experiment with.  As you can infer by the name, this will not replace a mouse for casual use, but for shooters it is a way to control your character in a different way.  Check out the full review at eTeknix to see if it might be worth a shot.

Trade in your mouse for an FPS gun? - General Tech 2

“What’s wrong with a mouse? Well, this may sound like a stupid question but in the mice evolution of design, it was created to be used as an input device for all aspects of computing. Unfortunately the mouse wasn’t created specifically for gaming. You could argue that there are many mice out there that have been created just for gaming but lets be frank, they’ve taken a standard mouse design and tweaked it to make it perform better in the gaming category. It’s like taking a Ford Fiesta, improving the engine and aerodynamics by adding a spoiler but then trying to call it an F1 car. To be a true gaming device it has to be built as such from the ground up.”

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