Being a geek is an expensive hobby, from the mental and financial costs of staying on the bleeding edge to picking up the proper tools and software you need to test your machines and keep them running healthily.  One way to avoid bankrupting yourself is to keep a close eye on the PC Perspective Hot Deals Forum as well as the Trading Post, but how do you feel about the refurbished component deals you see on the web?  Are you comfortable buying them?

Those of you who still have a burning desire to see more information on Sandy Bridge can drop by the Motherboard Forum for a very close look at the Gigabyte P67A-UD3RThe Graphics Forum is still wondering about the minimum processor power needed to push a GTX560 and the Storage Forum is busy partitioning and AHCI SSD setups. 

Your best bet for information though, as always, is to watch the latest PC Perspective Podcast … available in several forms from several sources!