Ryan has finally had a chance to play with the Lucid technology we saw at CES 2011, now that Lucid has had a chance to improve their software.  He saw exactly what we wanted to see from a performance perspective, encoding took advantage of the improvements SandyBridge offers and let the discreet GPU handle gaming responsibilities.  Unfortunately all was not perfect and there were a few specific flaws Ryan points out in his article as well as some areas that might be improved.

Want to encode video and play Metro 2033 at the same time? Lucid wants a word with you. - General Tech 2

“Despite an early hiccup in our testing due to the AMD compatibility issue, the Lucid Virtu software has impressed me. The idea for the technology is well founded and solves one of the few problems we had with the Intel 2nd Generation Core processor family that launched in January. The architecture of the purely software-based solution is cleverly intuitive and Lucid seems to think they really have solved it for good.”

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