Perhaps the most surprising thing is that the HD6990 is no longer than the already huge HD6970, not surprising is that the GPUs are the newer Cayman architecture and not the Evergreen that we saw on the 5xxx series.  The power draw is impressive, even more so if you plan on overclocking the card or go completely insane and try to set up a Crossfire system.  The performance is even more impressive, taking on SLI and Crossfire systems with ease in most scenarios though Ryan is quick to point out that some of those dual card setups will run you less cash that the current king of the single slot graphics card.

4GB of RAM, 2 GPUs and 1 performance crown; welcome HD6990 - Graphics Cards 2


"As an enthusiast myself, it is hard to argue with the raw performance that you see when playing with the Radeon HD 6990 4GB graphics card. In a single PCI Express slot you can get the fastest GPU computing solution in the world and support for as many as five monitors and you can’t say that from any other AMD or NVIDIA options on the market today. NVIDIA has not tried very hard to hide the fact that they are coming out with a dual-GPU option to compete very soon and if they can get two GTX 570 class GPUs on a single PCB, they might have a strong competitor."

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