If you are looking for a cheap way to build a home NAS or file server then there is a thread over in the Networking forum you should keep an eye on as there are already several suggestions to help you on your way.  Predictably the Motherboard Forum is all about the new non-broken B3 versions of SandyBridge boards.  You will be able to keep up to date on which companies are shipping them out and where you can find them.  That little problem has made the Processor Forum fairly quiet, with only overclocking existing systems or speculations on AMDs upcoming Bulldozer platform as the topics of the day.  That is not a problem that the Graphics Forum is experiencing, new GPUs are coming out at an incredible pace. 

Those who’d rather give their mousing finger a break and still keep up on the latest and greatest news will be glad to hear that PC Perspective Podcast #144 is up a ready for you to stream.  Grab a beverage sit back and enjoy.