Google’s Cr-48 Chrome notebook does not come with crapware preinstalled, technically it has hardly anything installed as it is a cloud based laptop.  In this particular case this means it has an App store with a variety of ‘programs’ ranging from what are in truth simply bookmarks to actual extensions similar to those found on the browser.  Physically it is powered by an Atom 455 @ 1.66GHz, 2GB of DDR3-1333, a 1280×800 LCD powered by Intel’s GMA 315a and a 16GB Integrated SSD for local storage. 

See it at Benchmark Reviews.

A cloud with Chrome lining; the Google Cr-48 Notebook - Mobile 2

"Cloud computing has been the big word for the last two years, and has quickly become a part of everyone’s daily lives. Photos going up on the web to be edited, music and video being streamed, and documents stored online are becoming the norm. Google’s CR-48 Chrome Notebook running the Chrome OS is a culmination of all of these. It provides no local services and allows users to only use internet accessible services. Benchmark Reviews will investigate to see if the CR-48 is really the future of computing or if it just is an interesting idea that will fade away like many other products that have been touted as "the future of computing."

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