The fancy new Fusion APUs that AMD is in the process of releasing to market were sourced from TSMC, both the C-series and E-series coming off of their production lines.  They will also be fabbing the new Ontario APU as it will be a 40nm process chip, while Global Foundries is focusing on the 32nm Llano parts.  As well, since the current 800 series chipset for AM3 CPUs is also processed at TSMC it is very likely that the rumour DigiTimes picked up on today is correct; the Hudson chipset to support Brazos will also be coming out of TSMC.

A likely rumour; AMD's new Hudson chipset will be fabbed by TSMC - General Tech 2


"AMD has contracted Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) to manufacture its Hudson- series chipsets, which support the new Brazos platform, according to a Chinese-language Commercial Times report. The paper did not name its source.

AMD has announced that its Brazos platform is available in two APU variations: E-series (Zacate) and C-series (Ontario), with the former designed for mainstream notebooks, all-in-ones and small form factor desktops and the latter for netbooks and other emerging form factors. These APUs are paired with Hudson southbridge chipsets.

TSMC has grabbed contract manufacturing orders for one of AMD’s Fusion APUs. Codenamed Ontario, the chips are built on 40nm bulk technology supplied by TSMC."


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