The LCS in PowerColor Radeon HD 6970 LCS indicates that this card is liquid cooled, thanks to EK Waterblocks.  The base speeds are above reference of course, 925MHz GPU and 1425MHz GDDR5 out of the box and once Overclockers Club got a hold of it those clocks went to 1021MHz and 1520MHz.   Even with that overclock the temperatures stayed reasonable and ran silently.

A liquid cooled HD6970 from Powercolor - Graphics Cards 2

"This block when used in a liquid cooled system will deliver exceptional cooling performance with the card never breaking the 50 Celsius mark at 45C. What has to be the biggest advantage of the card is not what it has but what it does not have. That ungodly loud fan noise when the fan is pushed to the 100% level. No howling beast to make you wonder why you bought the card. The overclocks achieved on this card were 1021MHz on the GPU core and 1520MHz on the GDDR5 memory. Easily better than any HD 6970 I have tested, something I have to attribute to the exceptional cooling delivered by the Ek block."

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