Ars Technica is hosting a 3 minute gameplay preview of Battlefield 3, which was shown at an EA event.  While it is beautiful to behold, don’t take what you see as an indicator of what your screen will look like.  This was presented on a very large screen and the sound system was customized to the point where the floor was a part of it.  It sure is pretty though.

A little Battlefield 3 eye candy for your morning? - General Tech 2


"EA’s Battlefield 3 event was everything wonderful and terrible about gaming journalism. I waited in line, herded like a cow until I put on a name tag, was shown the open bar, and was handed a piece of meat on a stick to eat until the game was shown. The crush of crowd was fantastic; EA seemed to have underestimated the amount of people who would be interested in the game. At one point they separated those who were press and those who weren’t; those without a press badge were asked to leave the main floor, and they had to be content with a lesser seat while still enjoying the free drinks."

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