Koribo is apparently a new company that wants to change the way you interact with your computer, or rather your HTPC. To that end three keyboards were introduced, the Leira, Vivar and Mini which are all wireless and intended not for the gamer but for those who prefer passive entertainment.  Whether you prefer a touchpad or trackball in addition to your keyboard or if you want a keyboard that approaches the size of a remote control you can see how well they work in Neoseeker’s roundup.

A trio of keyboards from a name you've never heard - General Tech 2

"We’re taking a look at a trio of keyboards from Koribo, a relatively unheard of name in the input devices market. Their Leira, Vivar and Mini keyboards feature built-in solutions for mouse control ranging from touchpads to trackballs, and are designed for the HTPC and media center markets. One of them even works with the Xbox 360. Hit the link to see what we made of these distinctly shaped keyboard/mouse devices in our latest review:"

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