No matter the reason the Jobs-ian crew decided to abandon support for the most popular way to stream video over the web, today it was proven that there really is no escape from Adobe.  Their new converter is called Wallaby and will convert .FLV files into HTML5 for display on iThings, though not in real time.  This is a developer tool which not only will allow you to convert existing Flash content into HTML5 but also to let you edit it afterwards.  The tool is not perfect, you can read about the limitations by following the link at Slashdot.

Adobe will get 'em in the end; Wallaby converts Flash to HTML5 - General Tech 2

"Adobe has released its Flash to HTML 5 conversion tool, codenamed ‘Wallaby.’ Wallaby is an application to convert Adobe Flash Professional CS5 files (.FLA) to HTML5 and its primary design goals were to get the best quality and performance on browsers within iOS devices like iPhone and iPad."

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