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Final thoughts

Apple MacBook Pro 2.3GHz Sandy Bridge 13.3" Review (2011 Model) - Mobile 58

After a little over a week with my new MacBook Pro, I can honestly say that I’m happy to be back on the Apple bandwagon again. My last Macbook I owned was in 2006, and they have made many performance improvements along the way. The new Sandy Bridge processors, Thunderbolt technology, unibody enclosure, gigantic multi-touch trackpad, and bright LED display are just a few of the features that will attract a variety of users from college students to computer programmers. 


Apple MacBook Pro 2.3GHz Sandy Bridge 13.3" Review (2011 Model) - Mobile 59

At $1,199 ($1,099 for college students and government employees), the MacBook Pro is at the right price point to make consumers do a double-take as they are looking for their next notebook upgrade. The ability to dual-boot Windows 7 on this unit was a key selling point for me because as a web designer I need to be able to test websites in multiple browsers as well as multiple operating systems. I also like the ability to work in both environments when I’m photo editing, video editing, or just doing basic tasks that I prefer in Windows. 


Apple MacBook Pro 2.3GHz Sandy Bridge 13.3" Review (2011 Model) - Mobile 60

I would have liked the entry-level version to include a solid state drive, but until prices on these hardware components go down, we’ll continue to see 5,400 RPM SATA drives in mobile devices. The inclusion of Thunderbolt technology definitely adds a “future proof” element to the MacBook Pro because there are simply not any Thunderbolt-enabled devices on the market yet. As this technology is adopted and matures, we will see it in many high-end storage devices and other hardware. 



Apple MacBook Pro 2.3GHz Sandy Bridge 13.3" Review (2011 Model) - Mobile 61

After only a week of use, I am getting more comfortable in the OSX environment and how to perform everyday tasks that I would normally do in Windows 7. Being a PC enthusiast, I have a great appreciation for devices that are simple to use and provide the user with a great experience. The 13″ MacBook Pro delivers on a great out-of-the-box experience with a healthy set of hardware features that revolve around Intel’s Sandy Bridge architecture and Apple’s OSX operating system. All of these components, combined with the latest Thunderbolt technology, makes this MacBook Pro one of the most modern and forward-thinking computer platforms on the market today.


  • Intel Sandy Bridge processors with HD 3000 graphics
  • Latest Thunderbolt technology standard on all MacBook Pros
  • Solid aluminum unibody skeleton



  • Solid state drives not included on standard package (128GB SSD can be purchased for additional $250)
  • Only upgradable to 8GB of system memory
  • No antiglare display option on 13″ version (option available on 15″ and 17 versions)

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