Mouse reviews, especially the high end gaming mice with adjustable DPI and a dozen or more buttons, are of the qualitative variety.  With no easy way to measure the performance or the impact on efficiency, the reviewer is limited to describing their experience with the mouse and how it felt to use for protracted periods of time.  An article at Slashdot links to a software tool that goes by the name of Metalocity which claims to fix that, and you can download the program to try it yourself.

Can you benchmark a mouse quantitatively? - General Tech 2

"A new mouse performance speed-testing software has scientifically demonstrated that there is virtually no difference between the performance of expensive, high-end gaming mice and cheap laser office mice. The software, called Metalocity, is available for free download so you can test your own mice and confirm the empirical results for yourself. It also shows that the multi- button approach of the Razer Naga and WarMouse Meta increases user speed by up to 112 percent."

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