To get the bad news out of the way first, the Evercool HPL-815EP will only shave about 7C off of your CPU temperature as compared to a stock heatsink so enthusiasts need not apply.  The plus side is much more interesting, this cooler is 1.5U in height, not only fitting into 2U rack style cases but in cases less than 10cm (4") tall.  Perfect for an HTPC system where space is at a premium.  Check out the details over at Overclockers Online.

Cooling in a tight space with the Evercool HPL-815EP - Cases and Cooling 2

"Evercool turns out a number of solid products and the HPL-815EP is no exception. It may have a less than flashy name but it gets the job done. It is a good cooler if you have limited space and have no intentions of overclocking making it a perfect choice for home theater PCs no matter your choice in processor."

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