$220 Corsair SP2500 2.1speaker set, which you can see from the full review was quite impressive for those sitting directly in front of their PCs.  Overclockers Club had a chance to try out Corsair’s less expensive alternative, the $90 Corsair Gaming Audio Series SP2200 2.1 speaker set.  As the price difference indicates, there are significant differences between the two models, the satellites are smaller and the control for the subwoofer also affects the bass sent to the satellites though on the plus side the speakers can accept input from 3 different sources without you having to swap plugs.  Check out the full review at OCC.

Corsair hits the low end of 2.1 speakers with the new SP2200 system - General Tech 2

"Movies aren’t so involving with the SP2200. Newer movies often have audio that favors bass, and, as mentioned, the bass must be turned down quite a bit on the SP2200 to prevent it from being overwhelming and boomy. Unfortunately, this means that the overall volume must be turned up rather high to have a traditional movie experience. Fortunately, because most movie audio is intentionally very quiet so that any dramatic, loud moments are emphasized, means that quiet listening of movies is possible. Simply note that you might have to increase the volume to hear quiet parts."

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