If you head on over to the motherboard forum you can see a few members have been getting lately, from brand new SandyBridge systems to a Gigabyte 790X board that is throwing up BSODs on regular occasions.  No matter what made or model of motherboard you happen to have, new or old, AMD or Intel, the PC Perspective Motherboard Forum is where you should head if you are having difficulties, unless the problem is specifically with your RAM of course.  Some problems are harder than others to fix though. 

The Lightning Round is doing stellar business as there is a lot to talk about in this quickly changing world, as is the Trading Post with several new items up for sale as the original owners change their setups.  To get kit for free though you need to sign up for PC Perspective March Madness, where up to 400 people compete to come out at the top of a NCAA pool.  You can also catch the 146th episode of the PC Perspective Podcast right on our front page.