Dropping by [H]ard|OCP will give you a chance to see what kind of power you need to get the most out of the second iteration of Dragon Age.  Unlike some other games, this one supports DX11 so the first requirement to get every possible effect is to pick up a DX11 GPU.   For their tests they chose the GeForce GTX 580, 570, and 560 Ti as well as the Radeon HD 6970, 6950, and HD 6870 and used the High-Resolution Texture Pack.Drop by and see how your rig will fare.

Examining Dragon Age II's hardware requirements - General Tech 2

"Dragon Age 2 is here in the hopes to provide your fantasy-action-adventure-role-playing fix. Its graphics are upgraded from the first game with advanced DirectX 11 features. Is it going to make mince-meat of your video card, or is it a kinder and gentler sort of bloodbath? We’ve got game performance on six video cards!"

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