Finally, you can dump those WinXP thin clients - General Tech 2

If you work for a company that utilizes thin client machines and is a devoutly Windows shop with no interest in Linux then the announcement of a yet another version of Windows 7 will actually impress.  Added to the wide variety of available flavours will be Windows Thin PC, allowing you to ressurrect old hardware into something useful for more than collecting dust.  The new Windows will incorporate the virtualization improvements of the Server 2008 and several other new technologies while still retaining the all important disk write lock that makes thin clients so safe and easy to support.  Follow the link from The Inquirer for a look at the community technology preview.


"SOFTWARE DEVELOPER Microsoft has announced a technology preview of Windows Thin PC.

Microsoft announced it would be releasing a preview of Windows Thin PC last month, now a public technology preview release has been made available. However Microsoft confirmed that the final release will be only for Microsoft’s Software Assurance customers."


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