Perhaps we are a little odd here at PC Perspective, after all a post entitled Another Good One is guaranteed to be about a difficult computer problem, not a viral video about a kid who loves cats on Friday, but we know what we like and are proud of it … even if we aren’t perfect.  We like to break things (or at least stress them) so that we can find out how they work and how to rebuild them, and to add to our collection of random screws that didn’t fit back in. In that spirit, why not see if you can break the beta version of the new improved PC Perspective design and get a peek at the future while you are at it. 

Sometimes we go for the maximum punch and other times we take a more minimalist approach but we never do seem to take the easy road.  Once everything is working, to relax we engage we engage in activities which require split second reflexes or argue about the unsolvable problems that face the world.  If you do find that it all gets too much for you, just be glad you can watch the four of us do what we have done #147 times before.