HuntKey Jumper 300W 80Plus Gold PSU is a little less powerful and a little smaller than most of the PSUs out there on the market currently.  It is not quite as small as the AC-to-DC power module that Ryan used in his recent Brazos review, then again that manufacturer would recommend against using a GTX460 where HuntKey recommends sticking only to a single GTX460.  From AnandTech’s testing it seems that HuntKey is not just blowing smoke.

HuntKey's new PSU can handle GPUs above its weight class - Cases and Cooling 2

"We recently received a new power supply from HuntKey dubbed the R90, or Jumper 300G for the western markets. It uses the HK400-52PP layout, which means the PSU is capable of delivering 400W at lower temperatures; however, the 300W rating is for 45C operation. The 300G is also one of the smaller PSUs with an 80 Plus Gold rating, making it an interesting option for HTPCs and average computers. But what about the price?"

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