The Jou Jye BITWIN BW-B520JL 520Whides within it a Seasonic S12 II, so while the branding may be unfamiliar the guts are not.  Jou Jye have been around a while, though as a lower end brand most often found in pre-built systems and that shows through in the testing.  Some parts of the PSU such as the voltage ripple were quite good but TechPowerUp did not find the unit without flaws.  On the other hand, these PSUs ship with an MLC connector that will allow you to connect multiple PSUs to your machine.

If the first Jou Jye PSU doesn't work, daisy chain on a second - Cases and Cooling 2

"Jou Jye’s new BITWIN Series is 80 PLUS certified and the models are specially designed for gaming and overclocking since they can work continuously at full load with ambient temperatures up to 40°C. A new and interesting feature is the multi-link connector which lets you install more than one PSU into the system and combine their power output."

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