Conclusion, Pricing, and Final Thoughts
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Intel 320 Series 300GB SSD Performance Review - Storage 34

  • Excellent throughput for SATA 3Gb/sec.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Ground breaking IOPS, beating out 6Gb/sec solutions at lower queue depths.
  • Competitive pricing (see below).


  • It’s a bit late to come out with a ‘new’ 3Gb/sec part.

Pricing and Availability:

In the interest of trying to gauge the intro street prices for these, here are the 1,000 unit quantity figures for the 320 Series:
  •   40GB @   $89    ($2.25 / GB)
  •   80GB @ $159    ($1.99 / GB)
  • 120GB @ $209    ($1.74 / GB)
  • 160GB @ $289    ($1.81 / GB)
  • 300GB @ $529    ($1.76 / GB)
  • 600GB @ $1,069 ($1.78 / GB)
This is very competitive for such high capacity models. A single 600GB unit at $1.78/GB is currently unheard of. Large e-tailers should start seeing these this week. If we see a few early price cuts, these will be *very* appealing.

Final Thoughts:

We are thrilled to see Intel push out a third generation of their own native controller, but it has left us wondering what is in store next. As much as we would love to, we have yet to see an Intel-branded SATA 6Gb/sec part. For now we’ll just have to stick with the improved IOPS, latency, and write speeds of the 320 Series. I’m guessing these will outsell the 6Gb/sec parts, mainly because the larger and cheaper flash memory can give Intel enough price overhead to constantly undercut the competition in the coming months.

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