Intel has been dominating the high end of servers with Itanium and Xeon but the days when energy efficiency can be sacrificed in the name of processing power are coming to a close.  AMD has been working away at Intel’s market share with Opteron, perhaps less powerful for some applications but also lower powered than Intel’s top of the line products.  That is changing, especially as ARM is now putting out dual core processors that can handle tasks once reserved for chips made by AMD and Intel.  Intel has responded with the idea of Atom powered servers as well as lower powered Xeons, while AMD has Bulldozer and other products around the corner.  Thanks to DigiTimes we now have a rough roadmap of Intel’s plans for the server room in the near future.

Intel's tools in the coming battle for server room dominance against ARM and AMD - General Tech 2


"Intel has disclosed its roadmap for low-power processors for the emerging micro server category including a new server processor based on the Intel Atom processor microarchitecture targeted for 2012.

Micro servers share infrastructure resources and are ideal for workloads where many low-power, dense servers may be more efficient than fewer, more robust servers. Intel will deliver four new processors for the category that span 45W high performance to sub-10W, all with server features including 64-bit, Intel Virtualization Technology and Error-Correcting Code (ECC).

Customers are already planning designs based on these processors, including Intel Xeon E3-1260L and E3-1220L processors in production now, Intel said."


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