Thanks to Hack a Day we now know it is possible to build your own pulse laser pistol, all you need is a little help from the inventor sourcing parts and about 70 hours of work.  At the end you get a frickin’ laser gun.  This particular model can fire off 50 shots from a full charge and is able to lay waste to balloons, puncture thin plastic and metal and like you would expect from a working laser pistol, the beam is invisible.

It's a working pulse laser pistol ... and you can build one for yourself - General Tech 2


"German hacker [Patrick Priebe] recently constructed a laser pulse gun that looks so good, it could have easily come off a Hollywood movie set. Its sleek white and black exterior adds intrigue, but offers little warning as to how powerful the gun actually is.

Fitted with a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser, it fires off a 1 MW blast of infrared light once the capacitors have fully charged. The duration of the laser pulse is somewhere near 100ns, so he was unable to catch it on camera, but its effects are easily visible in whatever medium he has fired upon. The laser can burst balloons, shoot through plastic, and even blow a hole right through a razor blade."


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