You’ve heard about "The Cloud" and the miracles of having your applications hosted by another company over the web and by now you might be getting a little sick of it.  The promises made by those first service providers made it seem as though your email, databases and other programs that cost your business serious money to maintain could be reduced to a sliver of it’s previous cost and as a bonus The Cloud will make your website bulletproof.  Now that the shine has worn off a bit and cloud computing has actually been available long enough for proper testing and usage we have a much better idea exactly what it is capable of and what new skills techies need to catch up on.  Ars Technica answers a couple of common questions small to medium business should ask themselves before they reach for the sky

Looking for a silver lining in "The Cloud" - General Tech 2


"The best argument against outsourcing e-mail to the cloud is also gone: Gmail for Business also comes with enterprise support. And Google also works with partners now, so you can get local support too. We are working together with Romneya for example, a Belgian Google Partner."

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