At under $20 the MEElectronics M9 Earphones are certainly not priced in the range an audiophile would look for, but what about those just looking for sound quality that is just "good enough".  You can even pick up a different package with a microphone for an additional $5.  Think Computers rated the sound quality of these haeadphones on par with $80 models they have reviewed in the past, so if you want decent headphones without investing a lot check these ones out.

MEElectronics M9 Earphones, maybe not the best but certainly a great deal - General Tech 2

"There are a lot of contenders in the earphone market. The prices range from $10 up into the $200s or more for those simple little speakers folks plug into their ears for a few hours at a time, listening to a variety of forms and genres of music. Some folks can’t tell the difference between the low-end ones and the high-end ones, and prefer affordability over demonstrable sound quality. After all, if you can hear something, the earphones are working well, right? Clearly, we audiophiles know there is a difference. However, we, too, fancy ourselves frugal, so we’ll find the highest-quality au dio devices we can afford. Enter the MEElectronics M9 earphones, a $20 set of earphones which sound like $80 earphones."

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