NVIDIA’s released a brand new set of drivers, the first in the 270.xx range. 270.51 includes a huge number of performance gains, many of which are outlined in this story: http://www.geforce.com/#/News/articles/r270-driver/

270.51 are beta drivers at this time, but we seriously doubt any harm will come to anyone’s computer if used.

New NVIDIA 270.51 Drivers Include Dramatic Performance Improvements, New Features & Automatic Dr - Graphics Cards 2


270.51 also boasts several software improvements, beginning with the integration of the 3D Vision USB Controller driver, resulting in easier installation for 3D Vision users and the need to only download one set of drivers. Further simplifying matters is NVIDIA Update, letting you know as soon as new WHQL drivers are available to download, and if you so choose, when new beta drivers are available, too. Users have complete control of the application, and can enable and disable features as they please.

NVIDIA’s 3D Vision technology can now also be used in a window, instead of just fullscreen, allowing users greater flexibility when gaming or viewing media. Configurable through the NVIDIA Control Panel, 3D Vision window support works on all PCs, 3D Vision notebooks, and on HDMI 1.4a 3D televisions through the 3DTV Play software, and also operates with Windows Aero enabled in Windows 7.

And finally, Forceware 270.51 comes bundled with a huge range of new 3D Vision profiles, enabling 3D Vision support in games such as Homefront, Richard Burns Rally and Test Drive Unlimited 2, and in titles yet to be released, such as Duke Nukem Forever, Portal 2, and Section 8: Prejudice.