Any difficulties that Phoronix have encountered running Linux on SandyBridge platforms seem to have been taken as a personal insult and a challenge to be overcome.  They’ve been working hard testing the hardware to its current limits on Linux and have recently started on the graphical testing.  Drop by to see how well the support for Linux has been improved.

Of Linux and low end SandyBridge graphics performance - Processors 2

"On Wednesday we published our first compute performance numbers for the Core i3 2100, Intel’s lowest-end "Sandy Bridge" processor at this point. This ~$125 USD processor was a step-up from the previous generation Clarkdale CPUs (roughly the Core i3 530), but obviously the Core i5 2500K was still a great deal faster. How’s the Sandy Bridge graphics performance though with this low- end CPU? That is the focus of today’s tests."

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