I realize that many of our readers are likely over confident in their own computing skills that software like the piece I am about to mention will seem unnecessary, but others will find the tip interesting if only for friends and family.  PC Matic Pitstop is a package that combines the benefits of a virus scan with a malware removal service, driver updates, registry tweaks and more.  And while you can read positive reviews from sites like Brighthub and CNet, but the price is what will really convince you to give it a try.

PC Matic Pitstop goes for -$0.01 on Frys - General Tech 2
Fry’s is offering the software package for -$0.01 after a mail-in rebate for a limited time.  As far as cost, it doesn’t get much better than that, so if you think this suite might help your or your family out with a system in need of a clean up, maybe give it a try!