ASUS and Gigabyte have some new SB based notebooks hitting the market soon, or in ASUS’ case already on the market.  Their flagship model sports a discreet GTX460 so you can expect some impressive 3D performance though the battery life will by lowered accordingly.  DigiTimes also reports on a lower powered all-in-one PC from ASUS that will be built into a 23" touchscreen LCD.

Powerful new SandyBridge notebooks hitting the market - General Tech 2


"Asustek Computer has recently started selling its latest PC products with Sandy Bridge chipsets in retail channels, and Gigabyte Technology is also set to release its Sandy Bridge notebooks in March.

Asustek has launched three new notebook models based on improved Sandy Bridge chipsets including the flagship CG8350 with an Intel Core i7-2600 processor, 6GB DDR3 memory and a Nvidia GeForce GTX460 discrete graphics card at NT$46,900 (US$1,597), targeting the high-end market; and the mainstream CM6650 with an Intel Core i5-2300 processor and 4GB of memory plus support of USB 3.0 and SATA 6GB at between NT$17,900-26,900.

Asustek also launched a new all-in-one PC, the ET2400 IGTS, adopting an Intel Core i5-2400s processor and a 23.6-inch touchscreen display with USB 3.0 support at about NT$40,000.

Meanwhile, Gigabyte is also set to launch its in-house-designed 15.6-inch P2532 notebook featuring improved Sandy Bridge platform in March.

Gigabyte also announced February revenues of NT$2.74 billion, down 45.36% from NT$5.01 billion in January."

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